No, actually, time is NOT relative

One of the most frustrating things I’ve noticed in Russia is something which our professor today blatantly admitted to: in Russia, time is relative and has no real meaning.  I can deal with people who are 10-15 minutes late.  Annoying? Yes, but whatever.  What I can’t deal with are people who have no respect for time whatsoever.

The cause of this rant is the computer lab at the university.  It’s supposed to be open from 10am-6pm Monday through Friday.  Myself and many other students in the summer school are completely dependent on these labs for internet usage.  Every day during our ‘coffee break’ from 11-11:30, we have to go hunt down the director and have her open the door.  Annoying.  So imagine the level of anger when we go to the lab today, find it closed as usual, and go to look for the director only to discover that she decided she didn’t feel like coming in today.  And apparently she’s the only one with the key.

To put it nicely, we were pissed.  We went up to the supervisor of our program and basically bitched her out (we let the Germans do most of the talking lol).  I guess she called the woman, who finally came in around 1pm to open the door.  10-6 Monday through Friday should mean 10-6 Monday through Friday!  So fucking frustrating!


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