This time it’s live from Moscow!

As stated in my previous post, I took the night train on Tuesday from St. Petersburg to Moscow.  It left at 12:40am and arrived at 10:15am.  Overall, it was pretty uneventful.  I was in a 4-person cabin with 2 middle aged women and 1 in her 20s, but as soon as the train left we all made up our bunkbeds and slept most of the way.  Nope, not very exciting.

After I arrived in Moscow, I navigated the subway and found the hostel with little trouble.  The hostel is alright, nothing too special.  There’s a common room with a computer for internet and a tv, and two rooms lined with bunk beds, like an army barrack.  I’ve seen worse, but I’m definitely already looking forward to sleeping in my own bed this Saturday night.

After getting settled in, I did some sightseeing.  I walked down Tverskaya road (the main road in Moscow), saw Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, GYM–the largest department store in Moscow, and also the most luxurious (one word to describe it: damn!), some famous theaters, churches, and lots of other well-known buildings.  Tomorrow it’s off to a museum, then more walking around.  So far, I must say that Moscow is not quite as nice as St. Petersburg, but I think that’s because Moscow is a city for business whereas St. Petersburg is supposed to be the “beautiful cultural capital.”  I’m mildly impressed so far, and I guess I’ll just have to see if tomorrow will change my attitude.


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