Laughter really is the best medicine :D

Work today started off normally, but quickly became not-so-great.  A girl who was in charge of prepping a large number of cases for a hearing in two days decided not to show up, leaving myself, Chin, and AC scrambling to get everything together.  I had already been ticked the day before because I had to pick up someone else’s slack and do about a dozen comps (which take time and actual thought) for a hearing I didn’t have anything to do with, so having to do someone else’s job two days in a row really pissed me off.


So I went through the first portion of the day in a fairly bad mood.  I was doing someone else’s work, and everytime I started to get in a groove, someone had to come print petitions from my computer or use my scanner, since it’s the closest one in the office.  Normally these are just slight, unavoidable inconveniences, but today I was getting really fucking annoyed.  But then my boss, true to his personality, did something completely crazy.  He decided that we were going to sue someone, but since we’d never get the money from them, we’d have to get tenant names so we could send the NYS Marshall to collect straight from the tenants.  But we had to get these names without revealing who we were.  So he had G go online and look up names and phone numbers, then had Chin call and try to sneakily confirm the addresses.  Here’s what happened:


Chin: Hi, is this Mr.________? I’m calling from the City and I need to mail you…something, so I just needed to confirm your address.
Stranger: What department are you from? What are you mailing?
Chin: The…housing department…..I don’t really know what it is. Just a solicitation I think.
Stranger: So let me get this straight. You’re from the City, you don’t know what you’re mailing, and you want me to give you my address?
Chin: ….Yes.
Stranger: Well, the name and address you have haven’t been valid for 25 years.
Chin: Well…you know….we’re the City, our records aren’t always up to date….
Stranger: Sorry, but I don’t really feel comfortable giving my address.
Chin: Okay….I have to go….bye.


After she hung up, we all burst out laughing for a good 5 minutes, all previous anger and annoyance forgotten.  It was one of those epic conversations that will forever be joked about at LJB.  Afterwards, the boss decided to send me and Chin to the LES to get the names from the door buzzer thing.  It was a great way to end the day 🙂


One Response to “Laughter really is the best medicine :D”

  1. AD Says:


    Love it! Who was the no show S or L?


    Shenell 😦

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