How dare you encourage our children to stay in school?!

As a liberal Democrat, I’m often not too fond of Republicans.  But, over time, I’ve grown accustomed to their bible-thumping, unconstructive critizing, and just overall silly and illogical ways.  However, there are some things they do that still make me gape and wonder “wtf?”  One of those things is their reaction to President Obama’s speech on education.

From the conservative outcry, you would think his speech is proclaiming that school is for suckers, instead of what it’s actually proclaiming: that students should stay in school and study hard (oh no he didn’t).  How Republicans find that to be a “socialist brainwashing message,” one can only guess.  It’s no surprise that the most criticism comes from the South (you know, the place that gave us the ‘misunderestimated’ George W. Bush), but I assumed that even they would understand the value of education.  Apparently I was wrong.  Then again, considering that most of them probably don’t even know the definition of the word socialism and are just parrots to the ignoramuses who willingly spread false rumors, I guess it’s really not that surprising.

I have only one thing to say to this utter stupidity:  To all of you who threaten to keep your kids home from school this Tuesday, when the aforementioned speech may or may not be shown to your children, go ahead.  After all, with parents like you, they never really stood much of a chance anyway.


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