Follow up

A few blogs ago, I wrote about E–my sometimes bff. She had blown me off before leaving for France, leaving only a last minute voicemail saying that she ‘would let me know when she arrived in France.’ She’s been in France for over a week and I heard NOTHING from her until I fb messaged her this today: “well, I assume you made it to France, but since you’ve decided not to tell me, I could be wrong…”

Her response? “nope, I’m here. Blah blah stuff about the new place blah blah.” No apology for ignoring me, not even an attempt at an excuse. Her uncaring attitude pissed me off more than anything.

It would be one thing if she had seemingly disappeared off the technological planet, but two days after she left for France she was updating her fb status and writing on other peoples’ walls–including high school acquaintances she’s not even all that close to. But for some reason she decided I wasn’t worth a short message.

When we’re at home together, she’s always making plans, but when we’re apart, I’m suddenly not worth the effort–even though she and her bf are in a long distance relationship. I’ve brushed it off in the past, since she would initiate contact a few times a semester and tell me how much she missed me or rant to me about school/boy problems, but I am sick and tired of being a friend only when it’s convenient to her and having to practically chase her down for the ‘pleasure’ of her conversation. From now on, she’s going to have to be the one to contact me if she wants to talk. Maybe we’ll be able to talk it over at Christmas, because somehow I doubt we’ll be talking much before then.


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