By nature, I am a very blunt person. I’m more likely to tell someone what I really think rather than what they want to hear. If it’s a person whose feelings I truly care about– or a boss I need to not offend– I’d rather remain silent than tell a lie. This habit has made me feel like a bit of a bitch several times in the past, but moreso as of late.

I think the reason for this is the large number of weddings/engagements of friends and acquaintances this past year. For example, a pair of twins I went to high school with both got engaged at the same time. All of our mutual friends were gushing about how gorgeous they were in their engagement pics and wedding dresses. The thing is, they’re not gorgeous. They’re not even modestly pretty.

I’m sure this makes me sound like a shallow bitch–and it’s quite possible I am–but they are overweight and have large, rectangular faces with large, flat noses and about one and a half chins. As stated before, I prefer not to lie if I can help it, so I decided silence with a smile would be sufficient, since we weren’t close friends.

But it’s not only looks that I judge, it’s actions as well. A friend of mine just got engaged to a guy who is a total douche to most of the world–myself included. My close friend congratulated her quite animatedly via fb wall, then promptly sent me a message of disbelief. I knew that for the sake of appearances, I should do the same, but I just couldn’t bring myself to encourage this engagement, which I see as a total mistake. She could do so much better.

I know many people believe that ignorance is bliss and it’s better to sugarcoat the unpleasant. I am not one of those people. I want people to tell it like it is, as I do. The truth often hurts, but not nearly as much as the fallout from the collapse of a web of lies.


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