Sbarro + Magnolia= Match made in heaven

Yesterday evening was the first time I saw EK since I left for Russia at the beginning of July.  I was gone for six weeks, coming back in mid-August, and she was leaving LJB in the middle of July.  That traitor left us for Albania, then law school 😦  She’s been beyond busy lately–apparently law school requires work…who knew?–and hasn’t had a whole lot of time for a social life lately.  Not to mention that she now goes to school in Jersey, of all places.  But AC and I were determined to drag her into the City one night for a fabulous treat of Magnolia’s cupcakes.

We finally got EK to agree to go last night.  She was going to be in the City anyway, so why not?  The original plan was to just get cupcakes, sit, and chat.  But, as happens all too often, the night didn’t quite go according to plan….

Meeting up and getting the cupcakes went well enough, but it was drizzling outside and there was nowhere to sit inside, so we decided to find the nearest Starbucks and crash there.  The nearest Starbucks happened to be a few blocks away, and by the time we got there, we were ready to devour the sugary sweetness housed in the boxes we carried.  There was only one problem….this Starbucks had nowhere to sit!  There were only two small benches, already occupied.  EK and I were in shock.  A Starbucks without tables and chairs??? What blasphemy was this?!!  Grumbling, we head back outside and are about to go to the next Starbucks and try again, when AC suggests that we go to Sbarros so she can buy a soda.

EK and I should have seen this coming.  After all, it happened that last time the three of us were together.  So, we go inside, and AC decides she’s going to get something to eat.  Which means that EK decides she’ll have to get a slice too.  Which means that I’ll also have to get a slice.  It’s all part of AC’s ingenious plan to fatten us up.

We get our food, sit down, and have a very healthy dinner of pizza and cupcakes.  It was delicious.  We sit there and catch up on all the latest gossip and guy drama (which just makes me and AC miss EK even more), and before we know it, it’s 8:38, and EK has to get to Port Authority to catch her bus by 8:50, or else she’ll have to wait an hour for the next one.  Port Authority is 42nd and 8th…..we were on 47th and 5th……

Never ones to forgo a challenge, AC and I declared that we would accompany EK to Port Authority.  5 short blocks and 3 long in 12 minutes?  Piece of cake 😉  We alternated between power walking and straight out running–not the safest thing to do on crowded Manhattan sidewalks which were slippery with rain water, but hey, we had a place we needed to be.  I hadn’t run in I don’t know how long, but it was so much fun.  We made it to Port Authority right at 8:51, and EK ran ahead, hoping her bus was late, while AC and I headed for the subway.  EK didn’t make her bus, but she caught one that went nearby, and everything worked out.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a night 🙂


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