I should be used to this by now–and I suppose I am–but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t tick me off. As I’m walking from work to school, I pass by one of the crazy people handing out bibles and preaching on the sidewalk. I didn’t make eye contact, not even for a second, but I must have a neon sign over my head that only the hardcore Christians can see, because they always seem to pick me out of a crowd. Me, the atheist.

I try to be nice at first, telling them ‘no thank you’ and then attempting to walk away. Sometimes it works. Today it didn’t. The person starts following me, asking why. I told her I was an atheist–to try to scare her away–and although she looked like she was about to have a conniption, she became more determined if anything.

She started off on the old story of how I was going to hell and only god could save me blah blah blah. I pointedly ignored her, my headphones still on, but she wouldn’t give up. She grabbed my arm–a HUGE no-no in my book–and told me she would leave me alone if I would only answer one question. Thoroughly annoyed, I sighed and agreed. Her question? “when are you going to stop living in sin?”. My response? “About the same time you stop being a hypocrite. After all, your bible says that it’s not for you to judge.”. Then I turned and walked away. This time she didn’t follow.

People like her really piss me off. How does what I believe or don’t believe affect her in any way, and who is she to tell me I’m wrong? I think she’s idiotic for what she believes, but I don’t stop her in the street to tell her so. But then, I guess not all of us are raised to have class.


One Response to “Hypocrites”

  1. AD Says:


    wow…you didn’t hit her???

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