Just for me, myself, and I

I like to dress up, but I tend not to do it often because of the reaction from people I know. No, they don’t say I look bad or anything-in fact, they say I look good-but it’s the phrase that follows which really ticks me off. The dreaded “hot date tonight?”

I know it’s meant to be playful, but when every single person you meet asks you this, it gets old fast. Repetition isn’t what annoys me, though. It’s the mentality behind it- our society’s mentality-that if a woman looks nice, it must be that she’s trying to impress a man. Why is it so farfetched that maybe I want to look nice just because *I* want to look nice? Why, when I say that ‘no, I don’t have a date,’ do people roll their eyes and reply with ‘suuuuure’? The most common perpetrators of this are women, which just blows my mind.

I find it quite pathetic if a woman has only ever dressed up to impress a man. Especially since so many of them are also feminists who complain that men only want them for their looks. Contradictory, much? I believe that when you go shopping for cute clothes, you should pick what *you* like and what *you* think makes *you* look good. Forget about what a man might like and just focus on the three most important people in your life-you, yourself, and you 😉


One Response to “Just for me, myself, and I”

  1. AD Says:


    Actually, I dress up to impress other women and intimidate them…not kidding

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