Several posts ago. I introduced you to my stalkers. I had thought they were all more or less gone, but the Baruch stalker simply refuses to disappear.

Apparently he is in one of my management classes this semester, a fact I did not know until he commented on one of my statuses about that class. The class is fairly large, so I never noticed him and since he never sat next to me, I assumed he had moved on. Wrong again.

During a lecture, the professor told a joke which was actually funny–a rarity among college professors–and everyone laughed. Two minutes later on my fb wall, my stalker posts this: “having fun in class I see!” That creeped me out, but I played it off and replied that “yes, the class is interesting today.” I tried to keep my eyes either on my notes or of the prof for the rest of class, out of fear that I would find him if I looked around. It’s creepy enough to know that he’s watching me, I don’t need him thinking I’m encouraging it because I accidently looked at him.

Alas, fate was not on my side. The one time I glanced at the clock, I saw him. He was staring at me and gave me one if the infamous “I’m so hot, you know you want me” head nods. I quickly looked away and after class I literally darted to the elevators. Luckily I managed to avoid him….this time.

One would think that’s the end if the story so far. Well, one would be wrong. After that uncomfortable class, I posted a status about how I’d been stuck in the limbo between being sick and not sick for two weeks. Guess who commented? That’s right…. And it wasn’t even a normal “I hope you feel better” comment. He told me that “what I needed was a little Tony Robbins! He’s a world-famous motivator and I gotta say he helped me be more confident (even Bill Clinton complimented him!) you should watch this video by him and see if it has a positive effect on you!”

Ummmm……yeah, not happening. For one thing, the post was about me feeling physically sick, so how would a “motivator” help? For another thing, I don’t really believe in the “phenomenon” of motivational speakers. Yes, they can make people feel passionate about something, but the effect is generally short-lived, and rarely makes them believe something they didn’t already believe in some capacity. I also think that your self-esteem and confidence depend on how you were raised and life experiences along the way. I don’t see how listening to someone talk can really make that big of an impact unless you’re willing to physically go out and do something about the problem you have, but maybe that’s just me.


One Response to “Crazy….”

  1. AD Says:


    Didn’t you say you were exhausted in that status? Maybe that was why the motivational speaker thing ps have you noticed that when you reply to him you always add a wink face?!


    I still don’t see why he would recommend a motivational speaker for physical exhaustion caused by physical illness……I do the wink faces with guys on fb when I panic, and I’ve decided to simply ignore him instead and hope he doesn’t try to sit next to me in class 😉

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