Bridge Walking

View from the Manhattan Bridge
View from the Manhattan Bridge

I’ve recently discovered a pastime that one of my coworkers loves, and I’ve come to greatly enjoy it too.  That pastime is bridge-walking.  NYC has many, many, many bridges, and almost all of them have a pedestrian lane.  The first bridge I walked over was the Queensboro aka 59th St bridge.  I had just walked around Central Park, then from 66th and B’way to 59th and Lex and was planning on catching the subway there, but I saw the bridge ahead, realized I didn’t feel like sitting down just yet, and figured ‘what the heck?’  It took me a few minutes to find the pedestrian lane, but once on the bridge I couldn’t believe how awesome it was.  It was a bright, sunny day, the wind was gently blowing through my hair, and I could just barely hear the water over the sound of the traffic.  There were a fair number of people walking across, but it wasn’t crowded.  I was able to meander along at my own pace and snap a few pictures of the view of Roosevelt Island and the East River.

Today I decided to try two other bridges: the Manhattan and the Brooklyn.  Okay, so saying that the Queensboro was the first bridge I walked over may be misleading, since I have crossed the Brooklyn a few times, but it was the first one I walked over for the sake of walking over it.  Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge was something I did before just because it was the touristy thing to do.  I started at the Manhattan Bridge today.  It has a gorgeous archway on the Manhattan side that I didn’t want to miss, and great views of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan (as in the above picture, snapped with my iPhone).  The only downside was that the orange and yellow subway lines run right next to the walkway, eliminating the possibility of a quiet, tranquil stroll.  Oh….and I almost got attacked by a dog on it, but I’m sure that’s not a normal occurrence….

Once I got to Brooklyn I walked a few blocks down and got on the Brooklyn Bridge.  My first thought?  “What’s with all the fucking tourists?!”  A stupid thought, I know, since the only reason I had visited it in the past was because it was a touristy location, but still!  Add in the rude cyclists, slow walkers, and people who like to stop in the middle of the narrow walkway to take pictures, and it was a much less relaxing walk than the stroll to the outer-borough.  Yes, the view is amazing, as is the architecture, but I’ll take the sparsely-populated Manhattan Bridge with its subway traffic over the crowded throngs of the Brooklyn Bridge any day.


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