Devil’s Advocate

We all know that person.  That person who will argue with you no matter what you say, for no other reason than to argue.  I work with one and a best friend of mine is another.  I’ve learned to deal with my best friend–9 years of friendship teaches you what subjects to avoid and which are alright, and it helps that I don’t see her everyday.
My coworker, however, is much harder to avoid.  We sit near each other, so we make small talk throughout the day and rant at each other when something ticks us off.  The problem is, with a lot of the things that annoy me, she defends the person doing the annoying.  For example, when HIS acts like an incompetent idiot–which he has the entire year I’ve been working here–she defends him, saying how his divorce changed him or he’s busy or it’s just how he is or how we should just deal with it and understand.  And yet, whenever she works with him, she turns around and complains about how hard it is too.  The same thing happens when people badmouth the old lady at work who everyone–except this girl–hates with a burning passion.  The thing is, the old woman yells at her and talks tons of shit about her too, and she still defends her and says that “she’s not that bad and we’re all just overreacting.”
What spurred this rant was something that happened yesterday. I was complaining about my group for marketing and how myself and another girl had done our parts 3 weeks ago, when the project was assigned, while one guy waited until late the night before to send me an email asking me how to do his part.  I ignored it, and at work received another email from him, and one from the other guy in the group, asking me to review their parts and tell them what to change.  I ignored those too.  I did my part, I’m not going to do theirs too.  Besides, I had other things to do…you know, like actual work-related things while at work.  When I mentioned how I was annoyed that they were being so annoying, the coworker started telling me how I was being unfair and I should have helped them because maybe they were busy or had some emergency or something and how, as a group member, it was my “duty” to do their work too if they asked.  Bullshit.
It’s not only with me that she acts this way, it’s with everyone.  I really think she’s arguing just to argue and it’s really fucking annoying.  It makes me not want to talk to her as much, which is unfortunate because we can have a lot of fun together.  I could only talk to her about happy things and not complain at all, but for me and my friends, when we need to rant, we rant at each other and receive advice/sympathy that either makes us feel better about ourselves or at least about the situation.  What’s the point of having a friend if they’re not there for you during the frustrating bad times as well as the good?

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