Mistaken Identity

There’s a guy from the City who calls our office often, but likes to think he’s clever and refuses to provide his name. When we ask “who is calling?” he will answer something like “Who, is calling.”

Well, I picked up the phone yesterday and the guy on the other end sounded like him. So, when he asked if this was the help desk of the Natural History Museum, I said yes, because I say the company name when I answer and it sounded like something he would ask. Turns out, it was a serious question, and the guy was not that guy!

Luckily I know enough about the hours and stuff that I was able to bs my way through, and used the ever-popular, non-committal phrases “I believe so,” and “I do not believe so,” when asked about certain exhibitions and membership info. I hope I didn’t screw the poor guy over too much, but if he ever calls back, I have no idea what he’s talking about, and I’ve never spoken to him before 🙂

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  1. AD Says:


    I loved this!

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