Attention Whores

In general, I love facebook. It’s by far the easiest way to stay in touch with friends and share/store pictures. But, like most other good things, facebook is not immune to annoying groups of people. One if these groups who I hate are the attention whores.

You all know who I’m talking about, and you know if you are one. These are the people with 600+ “friends” who post statuses clearly fishing for compliments or pity. They basically use facebook as a way to boost their pathetically low egos and justify mistakes they’ve made.

For example, there’s this girl I used to work with in IL, Katie. She has 1,488 “friends,” the first sign of an attention whore. She had been going out with another of my former coworkers, but since they were different levels, they had to hide it. So, she decided to ‘pretend’ to date other guys and take them to the movies while her bf was working there! Obviously he was not happy with that and it ended up being the main reason they broke up. Well, she immediately started posting statuses about “how she knows she made a mistake, why are you punishing me like this? I love you” and “is so hurt, she can’t even describe it. Why live if it hurts this much?”

Maybe she really was upset about the breakup, but I think she was more upset about getting caught and not being able to manipulate this great guy. It could just be me, but when I’m hurting or upset, my facebook status is not the first place I run. I don’t want pity and I’m not interested in broadcasting my issues to all of the 100 or so people I’m friends with. I’ll talk to my close group of friends about it, but the farthest I get on facebook is something like “is not having a good day,” and I rarely ever even do that.

I think attention whores are rather pathetic, and found a kind of grim satisfaction when only 7 of Katie’s 1,488 friends commented on her latest status about being hurt, and 2 of those commentsvwere something to the effect of “life’s not fair and mistakes have consequences too.”


One Response to “Attention Whores”

  1. AD Says:


    hahaha niceeee photoooo, now you can never say anything about mine ever again!

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