Group work? No thanks.

I’ve never been a fan of group work. It doesn’t teach you how to work in a group, it teaches you how to work with mainly incompetent people and end up doing most of the work yourself. It actually is a lot like the real world, but after doing it a few times, the lesson is learned and there’s absolutely no reason for every prof to do several group activities.

Though I’ve never liked it, I’ve always taken charge to get the job done, but this year I just can’t seem to give a damn. If a group is work-related or comprises a large percent of my grade, I’ll step up, but if it’s for nothing or a few extra credit points that I don’t really need, I simply sit back and do nothing unless I have too. I’m not hostile, and will do something if asked, but I don’t take any initiative. I’m sure it annoys my group members to no end, but I’ve spent years dealing with deadbeats and it’s my turn to freeload for once.

Yesterday, for example, we had to do a pointless group brainstorming session to come up with new ideas for Jello. The person who came up with the winning idea that everyone in the class agreed on would get 10 extra credit points. I was not interested for several reasons: 1) I’m already cruising towards an A in that class 2) I’m not an entrepreneur. If I don’t work for the company or get anything real out of it, I don’t care enough to rack my brain. 3) a 1/80 chance of 10 ec points was not enough to make me care. One of my group members kept turning to me saying “what do you think? You haven’t said anything. Blah blah blah” until one guy was finally like “can’t you see she doesn’t care?” in a voice that showed that he clearly shared that feeling. Thank you! Finally, a guy who’s not completely clueless!


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