Zero Tolerance

I think this semester has really started to get to me. Four days a week I go from class to work then back to class. When I get home, I usually eat dinner and go straight to bed (except for the nights when a Rangers game is on, because who can pass that up? lol). On the weekends I do homework, study, relax, and recharge. The result of this harsh, grinding schedule? My bullshit tolerance has plummeted to zero.

Things that used to merely slightly annoy me now piss me the hell off. This weekend I was ready to flip out on my friend in France because she forgot we had planned to Skype, and I ended up just waiting for her to log on for like an hour. Then my roommate started whistling loudly in the kitchen while the hockey game was on, and I was ready to tear her throat out…..

And it didn’t stop at work either. I was kind of swamped today because I got projects from LJB, SJG, and SER all with the due date of right now. It wasn’t hard work, just tedious, and there were some parts I didn’t understand. When I had a quick question about a DHCR rent roll, I went to ask J (who I seem to be blogging about quite a lot lately….), because I knew she would know and it would take all of five seconds. I stood by her desk and waited for her to finish what she was writing before I said anything, when she stops and looks up with a loud, dramatic, annoyed sigh. I almost flipped out on her. I told her that I would just go ask someone else, but what I really wanted to say was: “look, J, I know you (incorrectly) think that you’re the only person in this office who has work, and that you always get more than anyone else, but seriously, drop the fucking martyr complex. You have a couple intakes to do, a couple LD requests to write, a handful to follow up on, and some misc stuff. It’s really not that fucking much if you would get off g-chat and facebook and do it, or give the calling to someone else, like AC, who probably wouldn’t mind.” What makes this even worse is that she would bitch if she didn’t have any work, so why the hell is she bitching because she does have work? Ugh! I could go on, but I think you get the point, lol.

I feel like I should work on my sudden anger issues, but I just don’t have the energy. The worst part about this is that I can’t even blame it on PMSing, which is like the universal cop-out for women 😦


One Response to “Zero Tolerance”

  1. AD Says:


    Aww that sucks, I feel like the office is understaffed sometimes. PS you know what happens next don’t you? muahaha

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