There’s this girl who I was casual acquaintances with in high school.  She and her twin sister always had problems with their weight, which they said were related to their genetics.  They always complained about how no matter how much healthy food they ate, they couldn’t lose any weight.  After college they kind of exploded–to put it lightly–and used the same excuse of genetics.  Apparently, they forgot that facebook has a tendency to reveal people as the liars they are.


I saw on one of Mamie’s statuses that she needed her friend’s recipe for coke cake so that she “could make a good cake and save on eggs.”  I wasn’t quite sure what a coke cake was–and hoped it wasn’t what it sounded like–but the reality was even more disgusting than I imagined.  Apparently, to make a coke cake, you mix a can of Coke with Betty Crocker cake mix.  Not only does that sound completely disgusting, just think about how much sugar and fat is in that!  Her friend also suggested that “if you want it to be healty, use Diet.”  Yeah, that doesn’t make it healthy! If you think it does, you’re really not too bright.  Geez, and you wonder why you, your sister, your husband, and many of your friends have weight issues!


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