As I’m sure this blog has made clear, there are several types of people I can’t stand.  I suppose I just have a narrow scope of people I can deal with, and tend to hate the rest.  One group that I hate and like to drop from my circle of friends/acquaintances, are the flakes.   These are the people who pretend to want to make plans with you and hang out with you, but when it comes to finalizing plans, they suddenly have “a lot of school work” or their “parents won’t let them” or “they’re just oh so busy, but another time.”  The worst is when they actually do make plans, then back out at the last minute.  When I don’t actually want to hang out with you, I’ll let you know in a nice way.  If you ask me to go to a party or movie, I’ll simply say that I can’t.  I won’t hem and haw and lead you on, then screw you over right at the end.


I’ve encountered this many times throughout my life, and it’s so fucking annoying!  Like the friend who was really excited to go to a game, and told you to send them the dates you were available so that you guys could pick one ASAP, and as soon as you do, they don’t know if they can afford it or if their schedule will work, blah, blah, blah.  Or, even better, the person who makes plans to hang out, then doesn’t show up and leaves you waiting there for an hour, and since they don’t answer their phone, you don’t know if they’re blowing you off, dead, or just 5 minutes away.


It’s not that my feelings are hurt that some people don’t really want to hang out with me, or anything like that.  There are plenty of people I’d rather not hang out with, especially just the two of us.  But it’s the fact that they don’t have the spine to tell me that they can’t or think it’s fun to play games that really pisses me off.  Grow some f-ing balls, people. Seriously.


One Response to “Flakes”

  1. AD Says:


    Who is a flake? Who? E? J?


    Emily is notorious for being a flake. But I actually prefer her “forgetting” and not showing up to what she did when she came to visit up here. One of her friends from school was in the City too, so Em decided that even though she only saw me about two weeks a year, and saw this girl 9 months a year, that we would have to spend at least half a day with this girl…. But J too. She said she really, really wanted to go to a hockey game–which I questioned her a lot about to see if she was serious, because it’s so not her–and she told me she did really want to go, but I asked her a couple weeks after I sent the dates when she could go and she was just like “well, Idk what I’d do with Ethan, but maybe….” It’s like, come on! If you didn’t want to go, you shouldn’t have said you did in the first place, but just say it now instead of using your child as an excuse!

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