Sit down and shut up

The number of people who have no common sense never ceases to amaze me.  We’ve all been taught that libraries are places where you’re supposed to be quiet, or face the wrath of the shushing librarian.  So why is it that every time I go into the library to read or study, that no matter where I go, there always seem to be people who don’t know how to stfu?  For example, yesterday I was reading my mkt textbook in the reading room, a place in the library specifically designated for silent reading, and a group of students who had a project or something, decided that that was where they were going to rehearse their presentation.  Me and the other people who were curled up in our chairs looking forward to silence, just stared at them like “Wtf?  Why the hell would you do that here when the library rents out rooms for freefor groups to work on projects?  Are you people just f-ing retarded or something?”

So I half-stormed out of the area and went up a couple floors to another quiet reading area.  I hadn’t even been there 15 minutes before these two girls plopped down and decided to share the latest gossip at the top of their lungs.  I glared at them—they saw it and only slightly lowered their voices. Idiots.

And then later that day, during my mkt class, the students would not shut up.  Not that they normally do, but yesterday was especially bad.  Even when the prof looks them in the eye and tells them to be quiet, they start talking again literally two minutes later.  They seem to think it’s okay as long as they’re talking in Spanish or Russian.  Um no, it doesn’t work that way.  Stfu means stfu. It doesn’t mean be quiet for a moment, then talk even louder than before.  Ugh!  How did these people make it to college without being able to follow basic directions?!


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