Wtf, really?

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything about Emily, so here’s a quick update.  She and I were supposed to Skype back at the end of October–something we usually do every 2-3 weeks–but she forgot, so I just spent an hour waiting for her to call.  I mean, I got homework done, so it wasn’t like I was just staring at my computer the whole time, but it was annoying none-the-less.  So, I posted this on her her fb wall:

“Maybe we should plan a time for tomorrow instead.  I thought you were going to be calling at 11, since you didn’t write back when I told you to let me know it you were going to call later so I would know when I would know when I could go out without missing your call.  ttyl.”

Her response: “Crap, I got caught up in a book and completely forgot today!  Happy Halloween! Yes, tomorrow is good-I blame traveling for throwing me off my normal schedule.”

Okay, whatever.  It happens and we talked the next day.  No big deal.  But then….she and her friend from school, Jue Jue, apparently had a Skype date at 1pm.  I guess Emily forgot, because Jue Jue posted this:

“hey I am off from skype….it’s 1:33pm.”

Emily’s response? “Oh Jue Jue! I was online but I forgot! Did you call me? I should have been online. I remembered earlier in the day, but when the time got closer I forgot! 😦 I am so sorry Jue Jue! I will try and make it up to you.”

Anybody else notice anything strange about Em’s two replies?  Anything….disproportionate about the level of remorse?  Yeah.  I noticed it too…..


2 Responses to “Wtf, really?”

  1. kive87 Says:

    I actually didn’t notice until you said something lol

    • AD Says:

      Lol, I only really noticed it and made a big deal because it’s always like this with her. I feel like chopped liver compared to her “school family,” which is why I won’t feel bad ditching her NYE party to go to a hockey game and a club with a mutual friend, who doesn’t feel bad about ditching her either 😉

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