Night Sky

Of all the wonderful things NYC can boast, a beautiful night sky is not one of them.  I’ve always liked astronomy.  I can’t explain why, I just do.  Every night when I closed at the theater and didn’t leave work until 1 or 2 am, I would take a few moments to gaze up at the stars; tracing familiar constellations and looking for elusive planets.  If I was lucky, I might even see a satellite.  The skies in Illinois definitely weren’t as clear as the picture above, but you could see a decent amount of stars from anywhere, and if you got the urge and drove out beyond city limits, you could even see the milky way.

In NYC, however, you’re lucky to see anything at all.  I was walking through the City this evening, and as I looked up at the sky–which had been completely clear that afternoon–all I could see was a purplish-black color and the distant light of the quarter moon.  When I got to Queens I was able to pick out a couple stars, but the rest were still blocked out by the light pollution that plagues this City.  It’s quite sad actually, that you can’t have the best of two worlds.  Either you have a huge entertaining City that’s completely lit up at night, blocking out nature’s little night lights, or you have a smallish city that embraces the wonders of nature instead of constantly trying to change and out do it.  Sigh.


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