Some cults I can understand.  Religion, for example.  I understand that people use religion to make themselves feel better–like a security blanket, if you will.  Or the Macolyte cult.  I’m not a fan of Apple computers, but since I am a member of the iPhone cult, I can certainly sympathize with the Macolytes.   One cult I will never understand, however, is the Farmville cult.

I have never played Farmville.  I don’t know, I suppose it just seems stupid to me.  So you have a little virtual farm where you virtually farm things and virtually harvest them and virtually collect money when you virtually sell them so that you can virtually expand your little enterprise.  Sometimes you even virtually find little virtual animals to raise and/or virtually sell.  And if you’re really passionate, you can use real money to advance your little virtual world even faster. In a way, it’s kind of like the Sims–except that you can only do one thing over and over and over again.  I mean seriously, how can pretending to farm really be that entertaining?

It seems like everyone on Facebook is into Farmville.  My news feed is cluttered with updates about their Farmville lives—because, you know, I obviously care about that….. Just the other day I found out, to my great disappointment, that someone I call a best friend has succumbed to the call to plant and harvest.  Up until then, Farmville had simply been a disease affecting my acquaintances, but now….now it’s worming it’s way into my inner circle.  I can only hope that people realize what a boring, pointless game it is before it corrupts the souls of everyone I know.


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