Lolita Complex

I really don’t get the Lolita-complex that many older men seem to have.  Why would a 35+ year old man old hit on a 20 year old girl and honestly think he has a chance?  I mean, maybe some girls have such low self-esteem that they’ll do anyone, or have a daddy-complex of their own, but most girls my age are not interested in people old enough to be our fathers.

In Illinois, this was really a non-issue.  Sure, you encountered an old pervert every now and then, but not too often.  I don’t know why, but NYC is totally different.  Maybe it’s because there are just more people, or maybe that kind of age difference is acceptable here (gross!). Whatever the cause, I can’t even go for a walk in along the East River or in Central Park without getting hit on by graying guys.  And this is when I’m wearing jeans and a hoodie!  Then they get all offended when I brush them off and ignore them, but what did they expect? To put it frankly, I know I look good and could get laid by almost any guy I wanted, so why would I be interested in some old geezer? I mean, it’s basic common sense, no?


One Response to “Lolita Complex”

  1. kive87 Says:

    I’ve clearly taught you nothing! PS this made my day

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