Bipolar Santa

My friend S and I like to call our Mkt professor Santa, due to the fact that he’s fat and usually jolly. His jollyness even makes up for his horribly written tests (though the 20+ pt curves don’t hurt either lol). But sometimes, especially as the semester has progressed, jolly old Saint Nick has gotten quite the attitude and snaps for no reason.

Take last night. There were 5 group presentations. My group was 4th. The first three groups all ran over the 15 minute time limit and were yelled at because of it, so my group decided to really watch the clock and keep it short and sweet. We were all supposed to talk twice, but after we had all talked once–and the last guy was still talking–we hear the prof say “just skip to the conclusion.” Completely caught off guard, we all looked at the clock. The previous group had ended at 8:34. It was 8:41. We looked at the prof like ‘WTF?’ and the entire class was yelling at him too, saying “they have time, what are you doing?” But the prof didn’t budge, so I stuttered out a conclusion that I hadn’t been planning to give until we presented the other half of our info, then he had the 5th group go and gave them 10 minutes.

WTF Santa? WTF? As soon as we sat down, we sent him an email saying that we were ” worried it would hurt our grade.” The email was diplomatic, but the reaction will be anything bur if our grades do suffer. F-ing bipolar Santa 😦


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