Death by repitition

Have I mentioned how much I hate not-busy season at LJB? There’s literally nothing to do, and it kills me.  Well, I suppose that completely true–I do have work to do, but it’s just calling on Authorizations and financial statements.  If I sat down and did it with no distractions, it would take an hour or two tops each day.  But I’m supposed to be calling and emailing the same people every single day, so I try to stretch each round of calling out to a couple days.  Not only does this frequency annoy the clients, but it annoys me because they avoid my calls, ignore my emails, or tell me the same lies over and over again.

During our two busy seasons (filing the applications and then preparing for the hearings) I check facebook and go online maybe two or three times a day, maybe.  But when it’s slow like this, I’m rarely offline.  I can’t help it.  If my work was intellectually stimulating, or at least necessary, I would have it done in a snap.  This is just harassing the same people for months, knowing that most of them won’t send it back until a year or so later…..  Sigh….is it January 15th yet?


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