Show me the money or leave me alone

It’s very rare that my mother ticks me off, but tonight she accomplished just that.  So, she starts asking me about what I’m doing for internships and HR work experience and all that, and I’m just like “Mom, I don’t have time.  I wish I did, but I go to school full time, have a nearly full-time job, and since I have to pay the rent, I can’t cut back hours at my paying job for an unpaid internship.”  Pretty basic logic, right?  Apparently it was too complex for her.  She started going on and on about how it’ll be really hard for me to find a job without an internship or relevant work experience, and how maybe I should try harder to find one.  It’s like, yeah, I know that having an internship would really, really help me, but it’s literally not possible at the moment.  What part of that is too hard to understand?

Even if I wasn’t graduating a semester early and had the summer free, my current job works normal office hours, which is also when all the business internships are.  I could cut back to four days a week at LJB, but again, most internships want unpaid people 3-5 days a week, and that’s just not happening.  Ideally I’ll be able to find a paying job as an HR assistant next semester or summer, but it’ll be hard to find one to accommodate my school schedule and give me time off to see my family in March, May, and September.  The flexibility is one major reason why I stay at LJB.

I think the reason that I’m so frustrated and mad right now is that, since my mother literally pays for nothing for me while I’m up here, I don’t see how she thinks she has the right to criticize what I’m doing.  You want me to do an internship?  Fork over the money for my rent and food.  Simple as that.  If you won’t, then quite frankly you should shut your trap and let me worry about what I’m going to do.


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