1.  So I walk downstairs this morning at 5:25 am (side note: omg, I only have to wake up that early two more times this semester!!!!!) and see the kitchen door–the one we use as our main door–wide open.  This is like the third or fourth time this has happened.  I mean, yes the door is around the back of the house and up a flight of stairs, but still!  I’d rather not be robbed/murdered because my roommates or their bfs were too lazy to take five seconds to close and lock the door!  I wouldn’t even leave a door like that open in safe old Illinois!

2.  I had a finance test this morning (and another one next week, how messed up is that?) and a bunch of people came in late, but this one girl decided to loudly apologize and start telling this long story while the rest of us are trying to focus.  STFU! No one cares why you were late, just sit down, shut up, and take the freaking test!

3.  I met up with my group for the finance presentation we have to do on Thursday.  Three of the four of them have not started yet.  Me and this other girl just stared at them like wtf?  We’ve had this since the middle of November, and you waited until two days before it’s due to even start?  All it is is plugging numbers into formulas.  Worthless slackers!  How did you even make it into college?

4.  In Russian, asking for a little water is just one syllable different from asking for a little vodka….I shall have to be very cautious when I go to a Russian restaurant in the future…..

5.  Exactly two weeks from this moment, I will be flying over Pennsylvania en route to STL for Christmas break!

6.  I love Christmas.  Even though I think Thanksgiving is very important, Christmas is my favorite holiday, hands down.  I would expand, but this is getting its own post after I go see the tree and the Saks windows this weekend.

7.  The picture I used on my ‘Death’ post yesterday (or the day before, I can’t remember) is a tattoo by Kim Saigh, a Chicagoan who used to work on LA Ink (Kat VonD’s show).  I’m usually not into skulls, but for some reason I’m obsessed with this tattoo…..not obsessed enough to get it or anything similar, but obsessed enough.

8.  I decided that I’m going to start looking for a new HR related job after March 1.  It would be a bit cruel to leave LJB right before busy season, but the day after, all bets are off.  Larry’s been really good to me as a boss, but I refuse to be like JChin and AC who are, in AC’s words “held hostage by how well Larry treats them.”

9.  I’m actually not that disappointed that I have to miss the company dinner.  I mean, I’m not much of a steak person (re: I hate steak) and the coworkers I want to hang out with outside of work, I do.  I like Eunice and Jacky and George and Jelisa, and we chat and all that during work, but AC,  EK (former coworker :(), and even JChin are the people I really connect with and who I make time for after work.  I like Marc too, but hanging out with him outside of our cubicles would be tres weird, and we can only talk about sports for so long…..  Besides, I’d rather not spend any more time than necessary with the bitter old lady and the pervert, so…..


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