Subway pet peeves

I’m not one of those EK “I’m too good for the subway” types, but I’m also not one of those touristy “I love the subway” types. I think it’s a good system and it allows me to be productive on my commute, but I do miss driving and being in control of my travels. Anyway, though I definitely don’t hate it, there are many things that drive me crazy, both about the system and the people on it.

1. Delays. Enough said. At least if you’re stuck in a traffic jam you can see why you’re late, but in the subway, you know nothing.

2. People who stand right at the edge of the platform. I don’t have the time to be delayed because you got yourself hit by a train. I don’t care if you’re suicidal, an adrenaline junkie, or just plain stupid, take two steps back.

3. People who hold the doors. My commute is just as important as yours. If you need, need, need to be on this train to be on time, you should have left 5 minutes earlier.

4. People who leisurely stroll on and off the train. The doors are only open for 30 seconds if we’re lucky, so move your ass!

5. Pushy people. Push me, I’ll push you back and it won’t end well 😉

6. The fat person who chooses to sit in the small space next to you that was not meant to hold a fat person, and leaves you squished inbetween two people or the fat person and the wall.

Well, I’m glad I got that out of my system. 🙂

PS: Here’s a non subway related pet peeve of mine: how the latest version of wordpress for iPhone doesn’t automatically capitalize after a period. Annoying!


2 Responses to “Subway pet peeves”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Hey hey hey I AM too good for the subway, it gets you sick! I liked at you being stuck between the fat person and the wall. PS can we talk about the people that slowly walk down the escalator when the train is right there and make you miss the train!

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