Oh, the places I’ll go….

I plan to travel the world.  Well, I suppose almost everyone plans that, but I’m going to actually make it happen.  I’ve only been out of this country once during my 20 years–when I went to Russia–but I still have 3/4 of my life left to travel to my heart’s content.  Yeah, it costs money, but I’d rather spend the money and have experienced the world than saved it and stayed at home.  So, here’s a list of where I’m definitely going to go.  It’s in no particular order, but obviously the ones near the top are the places I think of first, and therefore the places I most want to go.

1. Lake Baikal in Russia.  It’s the largest lake in the world, and is supposed to be one of the most beautiful too.

2.  A Scandinavian cruise to Finland, Sweden, and Norway.  What can I say, I like the look of their guys, and they’re supposed to be beautiful places to visit. 🙂

3.  An African safari.  Probably in Kenya, since it’s one of the safer areas, but you never know how politics can change.

4. An Nile cruise starting at Cairo and ending at ancient Alexandria.  I used to be/still kind of am a huge nerd when it comes to ancient Egyptian history, and I would love, love, love to see the Sphinx, the Pyramids at Giza, and the cities where the Pharaohs used to rule.

5.  Greece.  Preferably I would start at Athens, but then make my way out to the beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. (And yes, EK, I know you hate Greeks and all things Greek, but bear with me here lol)

6.  Italy.  Well, more specifically Rome and Venice.  Rome for the history, and Venice for the beauty.  And if I have time, why not throw in Florence as well?

7.  The Black Sea in the Ukraine.  Just because.

8.  London.  As much of a Tudors nut as I am, this is actually pretty far down the list, probably because it seems much less exotic than many of these other places.  I mean, it’s just London; it’s practically New York, right?

9.  Ireland and Scotland.  See, these are a bit more on the exotic side.  The countryside is supposed to be amazing.

10.  Japan.  I used to be really intrigued by Japanese culture, until the language got the best of me.  It would still be fun to visit Tokyo and Kyoto, though.

11.  Sydney, Australia.  Another just because.

12.  China.  Either Beijing, Shanghai, or both.  Yet again, why not?

13.  Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam.  Many of the people I met in St. Petersburg were German and Austrian, and they made me want to visit their countries, and one of the Germans was heading to Amsterdam to study, which got me interested in that city as well.

14.  Alaska.  I’d like to see the northern lights.  I suppose I could go just to Canada, but Alaska’s farther away, and therefore more desirable 😉

15. Istanbul.  A former coworker of mine, Meral, was from Turkey and she convinced me that I should go one day.  I’ve been to one country that belongs neither in Asia nor Europe, so why not another?

I suppose I’ll stop at 15, though I could keep going and going.  In truth, there aren’t too many places I wouldn’t go.  I don’t know why, but for some reason Latin and South America don’t really appeal to me, and neither do the Middle East or the more dangerous parts of Africa, but the rest of the world’s fair game.  I know there are “obvious” places like Paris and  Madrid which I left out, but those seem so overplayed.  Of course, seeing them would be nice, but I’d rather go to Siberia or Scandinavia, or somewhere…..different.  Maybe that makes me weird, but as long as I’m happy, who cares what you think of my plans? 😀


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