Lol @ conservative people

So, apparently my post on the Duggars got one little conservative all riled up.  I didn’t ‘approve’ his comment, because I like to keep conservative bullshit off my blog and don’t want to encourage him to come back any time soon, but he had a little response to each one of my points, and it was pretty hilarious.

1.  Well, first off he got all ruffled because I said I didn’t like them because of their beliefs.  Um, hello?  I’ve openly acknowledged that I’m an atheist with anti-theist tendencies.  I know logic isn’t the strong suit of many conservatives, but really, is it that hard to follow?

2.  Then he got on my case for saying a “couple” in one paragraph and then a “few” in another.  Uh huh….. And, of course, he said that I didn’t have enough experience to judge, but the reason I couldn’t watch any more shows is that the ones I did watch practically made me sick and showed me everything I needed to know about those crazy people!

3.  Then we have the boring return to “the dating thing is part of their belief, what’s wrong with that?”  Yeah….see rebuttal # 1.

4.  He assumes that I think older children should “spend more time experimenting with sex, drugs, video games, etc.” instead of being “happy, healthy, and well-rounded” and knowing that the “world doesn’t owe them anything.”  I suppose it would mean nothing to him that I’m the oldest of four, and helped raise the youngest, who is now 3 and a half, while our father was overseas in Iraq, and am now paying for my own apartment and own tuition while working full time, with zero financial help from either the world or my parents….. Oh yeah, I’m the epitome of a spoiled brat 😉

5.  He thinks that since they can interact with each other, they can interact with the world.  I disagree, but whatev.  This point was one of his more boring.

6.  He says that they do occassionally get stuff that’s not hand-me-down.  *Shrug*  It could be true, but either way, it’s mostly hand-me-down junk, especially the younger the kids are.

7.  He pulled the “risk or faith?” thing.  For the third time, I detest religion and all things related (yeah, that includes “faith”).

8.  He supported the “traditional” family roles.  No surprise from a religious conservative.  I can cook, clean, etc, because my mom taught me how, but she taught my dad too and I much prefer their 60-40 household to my grandparents’ 100-0.  Men aren’t children (physically, anyway), they should learn how to do some basic things themselves.

Oh, and then he ended it with “I  know it’s not fair to judge you but will you please have yourself sterilized so you won’t raise any liberally minded children. We are in enough trouble as it is.”

LMAO ROFL!!!!!  Seriously, that comment made me forget all the stress from my upcoming finals.  I suppose conservatives are good for something after all 😀


2 Responses to “Lol @ conservative people”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Hahaha oh dear, well I guess I’d rather have them doing drugs and having sex with people they’re not related to rather then have them practice the art of incest and pedophilia since were stereotyping 🙂

  2. Soni Singh Says:

    I like it. Thats toooooo . . . . . Funny . . . . . . . .

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