Bored of Facebook

Sometimes, things happen that you never saw coming.  In this case, I am completely bored of facebook.

I’m not sure how/why/when it happened, but I seem to go on it more out of habit now than anything else.  Sure, it’s still interesting to see my friend’s status updates, but I usually only pay attention to the certain few who I talk to outside of facebook.   I mean, it’s helpful for keeping up on gossip, but I could just hear that the old fashioned way too.

Maybe it’s because I don’t do Farmville or Sorority Life or any of the other games, but those just don’t appeal to me.  I resisted doing Social Interview until recently, but even that got old after just one or two times.  It’s just the same questions over and over, but replacing one friend’s name for another.  While this does provide opportunity for witty, funny responses tailored to each person, you can only be so witty for so many people.  A joke is much less funny the second time you say it, even if you say it to someone else.

There are really only a few reasons why I haven’t already quit facebook:

1.  It’s how I backup my pictures.  I’ve had my computer crash twice, and lost all the pics that weren’t on fb, so now I’m kind of paranoid about that.  But I’m planning on getting a flashdrive just for pics after I get Xmas money, so this excuse is about to run dry.

2.  It’s how I keep in contact with Emily in France, Natalie in Chicago, and Kim in St. Louis.  I don’t actually have emails for them (I send messages via fb), but that could quickly be remedied.

3.  I’m not addicted to it.   A lot of the people who deactivate do so  because being on facebook interferes with their daily lives.  For me, it’s just that I’m bored of it.

In all likelihood, I doubt I’ll ever delete it, but perhaps I’ll deactivate it for a month or so after the holidays and see how it goes.  Who knows, I might find out I’m more addicted than I thought I was, but maybe after a period of readjustment I’ll be able to function on the internet without it and put the time I waste on it to better use.


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