Vicariously via facebook

I don’t get why some people feel the need to live out their lives and relationships via facebook.  Do they really think that anyone cares that they’re “making lunch,” “taking a shower,” “doing something and then spending the day with their WONDERFUL BF/GF,” or that they “have the most amazing love in the world!”?  Take my two former coworkers B & D for example.  They’ve been together for eight months, and everyone is reminded of that every single day, thanks to their statuses or wall conversations.  To make sure you truly appreciate what I’m talking about, here are some excerpts from their facebook lives:

Wall-to-wall for the past month (for the facebook uninitiated, the most recent posts are on top):

D L Thanks dear, I love you! =D

December 13 at 10:54pm · Comment · Like

B B Happy Birthday sweetie! 🙂

December 13 at 10:53am · Comment · Like

B B I just wanted to tell you…. that….

you’re a goofy goober! Yeah.

And.. I love you!

December 7 at 6:01pm · Comment · Like


Your a goofy goober too! Haha. And I love you too!

December 7 at 9:23pm


yeah 🙂

December 7 at 9:35pm

B B I love you too!

November 30 at 4:36pm · Comment · Like

D L I love you.

November 30 at 12:51pm · Comment · Like

B B Soo, the song ‘Time for Miracles’ definitely reminds me of you. It’s the first song on the 2012 credits and I smile every time I hear it. =]

November 20 at 2:31pm · Comment · Like


That’s just cute! 😀

November 20 at 2:38pm


Your effing adorable!

November 20 at 4:22pm

D L I miss you too!

November 18 at 10:55pm · Comment · Like

B B I misss youuuu!

November 18 at 10:55pm · Comment · Like

D L ♥ !!!

November 18 at 10:50pm · Comment · Like

B B ♥ !!

November 18 at 10:16pm · Comment · Like


November 18 at 5:20pm via Facebook for iPhone · Comment · Like

Sickening, isn’t it?  And what makes it so much worse is that almost every single day, they have their statuses about each other.  Observe:

D L is hanging out with his lovely girlfriend. =D

8 hours ago · Comment · Like

B B has the BEST boyfriend ever!! ♥

16 hours ago · Comment · Like

D L is working until 5:30 then seeing his wonderful girlfriend. =]

Thu at 1:04pm via Facebook for iPhone · Comment · Like

Okay, I think you get the idea.  This is one of the things I hate about facebook.  When I get into a serious relationship with someone, I’m not going to be posting it all over the web.  I mean, it’d be one thing if they had just gotten together and were caught up in the excitement of a new relationship, but they’ve been together eight or nine months.  Isn’t it about time to lay off the virtual updates about how great the person is?  It’s great that you’re happy–really, it is–but the fact is, no one else really cares.  You and your significant other clearly know you’re happy with each other, your close friends know it too, and your not-so-close friends can probably guess from the fact that you’re still together, so why the need for the daily exclamations unless you’re really not that happy after all, and are just trying to convince yourself and the world that you are?


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