How stupid are you? I mean, really

I swear, my roommate must be the biggest idiot in the world! Or the most passive-aggressive. So, I’m watching the hockey game, and it’s in between periods, so I go into the kitchen to get a drink. She comes out of her room and changes the channel. I’m in the kitchen like ‘WTF!’ but decide to give her a minute just in case she was just checking a score or something, but she starts to get comfortable. I go in there and she acts all surprised like ‘Oh, I didn’t know you were watching.’

Um, 1) the tv was on. Why would it be on if no one was watching it? 2) I was in the kitchen, add that to the tv being on, and how could you not know? 3) as if those two weren’t enough, my phone was literally two inches from the remote. You don’t have to be a genius to put one, two, and three together. Or maybe she hoped that I wouldn’t say anything and would just let her have the tv. Either way, she’s an idiot.


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