Bring on 2010

New Years has never been a big holiday for me.  I barely see it as a holiday at all.  I mean, it’s mainly an excuse to drink, which I don’t do, so it has limited appeal to me.  Sure, realizing that you’ve survived another year is special, but still….

I’ve also never really done resolutions, because if I want to change something about me, I usually do it the moment I think of it if I’m going to do it at all.  But, I figured I’d be different this year and see if I can think of one or two:

1.  Put up with less crap, including from my NY friends. 2010 is my last year at Baruch, and I need to be focusing on my studies, not drama. Even if I happen to drive a couple people out of my somewhat small group of friends/acquaintances, that’s okay, because I need minimal distractions anyway.

2.  Make the most of my last year in the City. I started doing this during fall, when I would try to go out somewhere every weekend, even if it was just to different sections of Central Park.  I mean, I plan to visit NYC once or twice a year after I leave, but I might as well take advantage of what I’ve got while I still live here.

3.  Study more often.  Not that I got bad grades this semester–My GPA and I were happy with all but the one which I’m arguing–but there was a lot of last minute cramming and the two weeks before finals were somewhat hellish.  I should be reviewing for finals, not trying to learn everything for every class for the first time.


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