Random facts of the moment

1.  Whenever I have to go back to NY after a visit home, I always get super emotional.  This time, it didn’t hit me until today at lunch, when I randomly started welling up.   And what makes it even worse is that I’m PMSing.  As if I wasn’t already ready to cry at the drop of a hat….. stupid uterus….stupid hormones…..

2.  When I’m sad, I don’t feel like doing anything.  Which means I’m going to have to force myself to wrap B-day presents for the ‘rents and get copies of their taxes for the residency letter I still have to force myself to write and turn in on Jan 8.  That should be fun…..

3.  The past couple days have been like a blast from the past when it comes to games.  We’ve played Monopoly–which my Grandpa always used to play with me when I was younger–, dominoes–which my Grandma and I loved–, Chutes and Ladders, War (the card game), and Life.  We’ve also watched Rugrats: The Movie.  I feel like I’m 9 again 😀

4.  The Wizard of Oz is timeless.  It was on TV the other night, and even 60 years later, it’s amazing.  I ❤ Toto.

5.  Disney movies are also timeless.  I much prefer Lion King, Tarzan, Pocahontas, Mulan, etc to some of the newer shows and movies my sibs like to watch.

6.  It was brought to my attention via a 7-year-old tantrum that ever since little sis was born, I’ve been neglecting littlest brother (the 11 year old prefers that I leave him alone).  I never really thought about it, but I suppose it’s true.  I spend practically every moment sis is awake with her (minus her “quiet/nap time”), and rarely see the bros.  It doesn’t help that littlest bro loves to throw tantrums the moment he doesn’t get his way and is frankly quite loud, over-the-top, and just generally annoying.  Then again, he’s just a kid.  And an ignored middle kid at that, so I do feel kind of bad 😦

7.  I cannot believe this is my last year of undergrad!  In just one year, I’ll be home for good with a BBA to my name!

8.  On that note, life without school perplexes me.  I’m not sure what I’ll do, since just working during breaks already kind of bores me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find a job I don’t hate and some extra hobbies if I have time to keep me busy.  At least it’ll only last a year or two, and then I’ll be right back in the educational system, for an MBA this time.

9.  The best and worst part of the Xmas holiday is the food.  Specifically, the dessert-type food.  I haven’t really been doing my little Pilates exercises and I’ve def been eating sweets, but luckily I tend to starve myself when upset, so I should be able to lose the extra little pound or two I’ve gained during my first week back in NYC.  😉


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