Update on Em–Part 2

Well, enough of politics.  Now back to Em, because I know the juicy bf stuff is what you all want to hear anyway.  They’ve been together for nearly a year….and things are about where they were a year ago…..  They saw each other over Xmas break, but only because his mother was coming to pick him up from school after Em came to visit.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t have made the trip down from Wisconsin, or invited her to make the trip up.

He’s studying in London next semester, as I’ve mentioned previously, while she’ll still be in Angers.  He initially said he wasn’t planning on travelling, but now has decided that he wants to go to Ireland over spring break.  Magically, Em has decided that she, too, wants to go to Ireland, and “they might go together, but they might not.”  Um, since you both have the same spring break, why wouldn’t you go together, especially since you’ve been together for a year?

While trying to figure this perplexing puzzle out, I asked how serious they were.  Right away, she said “pretty serious,” but then later when I pointed out that he didn’t seem too involved she was like “well, we’re only in college, we’re just taking it a day at a time.  I mean, it’s only a little serious.”   Contradictory, much?  And then she went on and on about how great their relationship is.  She just doesn’t seem to get that most 21 year old guys don’t have the word “commitment” in their vocabulary.  And of course your relationship is great, you don’t have to actually see each other!  If you don’t feel like talking, just don’t get on Skype or facebook and you have no way of being in contact.  What could be a better relationship than that, especially for a college guy?  Not that I think he’s just using her as a backup–I’ve never met him, so I couldn’t say–but it’s probably really easy for him to “forget” that he technically has a gf, since, you know, they haven’t had regular physical interactions since the beginning of last May.

Even if it comes out that this guy was just using her or leading her on, I won’t be able to be mad at him, because she’s the idiot here.  She’s even thinking of marriage already!

Okay, to be fair, marriage somehow came up (I think I said something about how I couldn’t believe people our age were getting married) and she didn’t exactly say that it was Z she was picturing, but it could be inferred.

She’s studying French education, to be a French language teacher.  I’m not sure what he’s studying, but I know it has to do with business and theater.  Both somewhat specialized and rare, no?  Well, she was saying that when she gets married “a while in the future”, she worries about “both of the us being able to find jobs in the same area if we both have specialized things we’re doing.”  Um, Idk about you guys, but I plan to meet/start to date the person I want to marry after both he and I are already established here in our career paths.  Really the only time you have to worry about both of you finding jobs is when you first graduate….. like she and Zach will in a year and a half…..


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