I love reasonable people

Given the long drawn out drama with the prof last spring who had screwed up my grade, I was prepared for this mgmt thing to drag out all semester.  So imagine my surprise when I email the prof while in line at the Bursar and receive a prompt response, telling me to stop by his office.  He was very nice, and even commented on my haircut.  How he noticed and remembered is beyond me, because I only raised my hand like once or twice the entire semester.  Anyway, it turns out that the test had two parts, and therefore two grades to be added together.  His assistant had only entered one.  He changed it, and my grade went from a C to a B.  It’s not the A I wanted, but since it’s higher than a C and I’m happy with all my other grades, I’m just gonna let it go.  Why can’t all profs deal with things as quickly and professionally as this one?  It would make life so much less stressful.


2 Responses to “I love reasonable people”

  1. webmistress27 Says:

    I love them as well

  2. kive87 Says:

    The only men who notice are the ones who have a thing for you dun dun dun

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