Take a chill pill, lady

So, today I had to go to the school to pay my tuition because for some reason we weren’t allowed to do it online this year. Annoying.

Anyway, there’s this huge sign that says ‘pay 25% today, then the rest over three months.’ Since I’m capable of dividing by four all by myself, I went to the bank and got a certified check, like they want, then went back to pay. I rounded the amount up by fifty cents just because I didn’t think it was a big deal, but when I got to the front, this bitchy girl was like ‘who told you to do this amount? It’s not right! Why did you do it on your own?’ I just stared at her and explained, as if I was talking to my little sister, that I don’t see why fifty cents is such a big deal, especially when i’m paying more, not less. She wasn’t happy, but let it go.

Apparently I was supposed to wait in line for them to tell me what 25% of that number was, and then go get that exact amount and not a penny more, and then wait in line again. Puh-lease, my time’s too important for that 😉


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