Religion rant time!

It’s religion rant time!  If you’re a fundie who will be offended, turn back now and don’t say I didn’t warn you.   I’m entitled to an opinion, and so are you, but since this is my blog, which I try to keep bigot-free, any hateful or proselytizing comments will be deleted.  Oh, and if you’ve been following this blog awhile, you might notice that I’ve already touched on some of the ideas here, but for some reason or another, they’ve resurfaced in my life recently, so I’m going to rant about them again.

Rant one:

You know what I hate?  When people make little off-hand religious comments towards me.  Phrases like “god willing,” or “I’ll pray for you,” or “god is the only one who can judge people,” etc.  If they don’t know I’m an atheist, or use the phrases towards themselves (“God willing, I won’t get into a car accident in this snow” or something) that’s fine, but when they know I’m an atheist and direct the phrases towards me anyway, it’s really freaking annoying.  I mean, do you know how hard it is not to respond: “Talking to yourself and your imaginary friend about me seems a little creepy….if you really want to help, why not do something productive instead?”

Rant two:

Another thing I hate? (there seem to be a lot of these things…..) is when people tell me I must secretly believe in the Abrahamic god because I say things like “bless you” or “thank god.”  Um, they’re called social phrases.  It’s like Thursday.  Does everyone who says Thursday really think it’s Thor’s Day?  Didn’t think so.

Rant three:

The ludicrous idea of the “god gene.”  The basic hypothesis goes that we are all born “predisposed to believe in a higher being,” which is evolutionarily useful because “self-transcendence makes people more optimistic, which makes them healthier and likely to have more children.”  Let me just call bull shit right now.  For one thing, the scientist who came up with this idea published it before getting it peer-reviewed.  Why the rush to publish unless he was scared it would be torn apart by objective scientists for being complete crap? (Which, by the way, it later was).  For another, there have been atheists since the dawn of time, and we’ve survived, so I don’t see how religion is evolutionarily useful at all….in fact, if you can avoid being burned or stoned by religious people, atheists probably have a higher rate of survival since we don’t run off fighting and dying in stupid “my imaginary friend is bigger than your imaginary friend” wars.  And finally, feral children never have any concept of, nor interest in, gods, even after being reintroduced into human society.  If there really was a “god gene,” wouldn’t you think they’d at least be a little bit interested, since they’re supposedly “predisposed” to it?


One Response to “Religion rant time!”

  1. kive87 Says:

    I just loled…as for rant one I hateeee that. After finals my mom drove PM home too and she said god bless before leaving the car, my mom was like what the hell?!

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