Work has been fairly tense the past week for no real reason at all.  We have a mass mailing on Friday that we’re getting ready for, but most of us have nothing to do with printing the forms or organizing them.  But, for whatever reason, LJB, R (aka old bitch), SER, and JChin have been acting like doomsday is coming.

Okay, for one thing, a mass mailing is not that serious.  You do it every year–twice a year if you count sending out petitions–and it’s pretty basic.  Sort, fold, stuff, seal, stamp, mail.  It’s just 5-6 hours of mindless monkey work.

For another, we’re not curing cancer here people!  What we do is honestly not that important and not that hard.  Obviously LJB and SER would care, because they own the place, but if the forms got sent out on Saturday instead of Friday, it’s not a huge deal (there was an issue with the City not posting what we needed until 3pm Friday, which caused a big to-do, but which is solved now).  JChin didn’t agree, saying that she “really cares about what we’re doing here and wants us to do well, so to do well everything has to be perfect.”  While I agree that meeting deadlines is important for a successful business, so is prioritizing and looking at things from an objective point of view.  If a client can’t send a form back in 6 weeks, one day is not going to make a difference.  A week, yes.  A day, no.  Basically, if you can’t meet a deadline (through no fault of your own) don’t sweat it unless it’s a major, major, major thing.  Which mass mailing is not.

Apparently JChin cries every year from the stress of getting the apps back and filing (and so do a few other people) but I didn’t last year, and don’t see me doing it this year, even though it’s me, Marc, and Smith (and not any of the criers) who are the ones staying until 11pm every night during the last two weeks in February, and I’m the one who opens the mail with LJB and finds nearly all of the files.  I mean, what exactly does crying and getting hysterical accomplish?  Nothing.  In fact, it takes time and energy away from the work you should be doing.  And again, what we do is not that serious.

I tried giving JChin the chillax speech today, but she wasn’t having any of it.  I hope she sucks it up this year though, because I didn’t know her well enough last time to say anything, but if she starts getting all stressed and bitchy and weepy and interferes with my ability to do my job or snaps at me, I’m not afraid to tell her to stfu, get back to work, and grow the f up.


2 Responses to “Chillax”

  1. kive87 Says:

    You’re all crazy. I didn’t care either way and I was there for 2 busy seasons. PS who the hell cries? It’s someones property taxes and they’re probably not going to get reduced anyway and the client is still going to gave to pay us.

    • AD Says:

      Why am I crazy? 😦 It’s so stupid to get worked up over what we do when what we do is fairly worthless in the grand scheme of things. I really do need to stop picking fights with JChin though….but she’s the one who’s so defensive about *everything* and makes it so easy to get to her. Idk, I guess I just can’t resist an easy target 😉

      PS: We will talk about your post tonight. I dressed up for you and everything……..

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