And so it begins…..

Yesterday was mass-mailing day at work, and it was a lot more low-key this year.  I think it’s because I wasn’t paired with JChin (aka the Olympian who thinks this is a race and doesn’t care if your hands bleed as long as she finishes first).  Instead, I worked with AC.  The pace was a bit slower than what I was used to, but we still finished in 3ish hours, right on time.

You know what’s weird though?  I only said like two sentences to JChin, and those were at the end of the day.  We usually chat a decent amount of the time, but yesterday I just didn’t feel the need, and everything was much more….calm.  I doubt I’m going to start ignoring her now, but it’s just interesting to realize how much one or two people can really stress the entire office out simply by being around, and how much better it is if you just don’t interact with said people…..


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