Night out

Met up with EK yesterday to see Romeo and Juliet at Lincoln center.  It wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t bad, especially the guys’ costumes.  Unfortunately, after two hours of oogling them through their tights, we both concluded that there was no way male ballet dancers were straight.  Pity.

The highlight of the night had to be EK’s outfit and the reactions to it.  She was wearing a long-sleeved black dress that was kind of short (not super short, but def short enough) and her five-inch platform stripper heels.  I recognized those heels half-way across the Lincoln center courtyard…..they’re kind of hard to miss 😉  Anyway, from the time we walk in to the time we leave, everyone is staring at her.  She couldn’t understand why, but I pointed out that it’s January, her legs were bare, and people normally don’t wear five inch platform stilettos to the ballet….  Best moment ever was when we went to the bathroom at the intermission.  EK was in front of me, and as soon as she walked past this one lady in the row, the lady literally did a double take and totally checked out EK’s ass until we were out of sight.  Hilarious!

Afterwards we walked to her car because she was waiting for her BDSM date to show up, and I didn’t need to be home.  We chatted, then it was time for me to go.  Paranoid EK thought I was going to get raped and murdered on the two-block walk to the subway, but luckily she was wrong and all’s well that ends well 🙂


4 Responses to “Night out”

  1. kive87 Says:

    What’s bdsm? :-/

    • AD Says:

      Nice try, but that dress and heels you were wearing mean you can’t play “innocent”….. On the off-chance that you’re serious, google is your friend 😀

  2. kive87 Says:

    I was serious, why couldn’t you just say s&m? PS my dress and heels weren’t bdsm-ish :-/

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