Broaden your horizons

I’m stealing one of EK’s New Years Resolutions.  Hers is to watch a documentary about a different country each month for a year.  But the personal twist I’m putting on it is that I want to watch at least one documentary about every country, no matter how long it takes. Alphabetically is clearly the easiest way to go, so I’m relying on good old Wikipedia’s list of sovereign states to see me through.  Hopefully I’ll be able to watch one or two per week (we’ll see how much free time I have on the weekends after school starts…..), and then blog about what I learned–lol, I just realized how much of a school assignment this sounds like, but it should be a fun one 🙂

I know that not every country will have a documentary about it, so if I can’t find anything, I’ll read a few articles instead. Strangely enough, given my cold, often-impersonal, outlook on the world, I really want to get to know the people of these countries.  I really couldn’t care less about their governments or economies.  I mean, obviously those will be interwoven into their lives, and I’ll pick up some knowledge there, but really I want to know how they live, what they think, and how they see things.  I want to learn their stories, their traditions, even their fashion.

Cultures have always fascinated me, but I’ve tended to stick with the ancient and medieval.  Now I want to learn about people a bit more modern.  If possible, I want everything I watch to be from 2000 onward–the more recent the better.  First country up?  Afghanistan.


One Response to “Broaden your horizons”

  1. kive87 Says:

    My original idea was to watch one for every country but a. There’s isn’t one for every country and b. I’m lazy. Tell me if you find a good one for Afghanistan.

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