Okay, first off, just let me say how hard it was to find anything on Albania.  It’s not a favorite country apparently…..  I ended up watching a couple mini-documentaries on youtube instead of one all-encompassing thing.

The first was called “Blood-Feud: Albania.”  It was made in 2001, and started by declaring that Albania was the poorest country in Europe, so it was rare to see tourists, because the tourists go to Greece.  10 years after the fall of communism, there’s still little infrastructure, and people tend to take justice into their own hands because they don’t trust the state.  After the labor camps and terror of Enver Hoxha, they’re conditioned not to.  There are very few jobs in Albania, but image is everything, so many people who have relatives overseas receive money from them and buy cars and homes they can’t afford, all for the illusion.  There are also these nasty little things called blood feuds, where if, say, one man kills another man, the family of the man who was killed has the right to kill a member of the family of the killer….  And the “first prize” in life for an Albanian is a greencard to Europe or America.

The second was called “Sold Children-Albania,” and it deals with the high rate of child kidnapping.  About one child a week disappears: to be illegally adopted if they’re lucky, but more likely either to be sold into the sex trade or to become victims of the black market for organs. It’s easy for these kids to disappear without a trace, because there hasn’t been a census since the fall of communism, and births aren’t always recorded.

So far….not wanting to visit there.  No offense EK, but I’m not like you.  I can’t just lay on any old beach and forget I’m in an unsafe fourth-world country 😉


3 Responses to “Albania”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Lol first of all it’s not the poorest country in Europe thanks to Moldovia, Estonia, and Lithuania so it’s 3rd world. Second, blood feuds don’t really occur in Albania that’s more of a Kosovo & Montenegro thing. Third, kids don’t get kidnapped anymore that’s so 1995 hence why my family moved. And finally the poor people don’t buy cars they steal them duh. But isn’t it pretty? Lol

    • AD Says:

      I figured some of the info might be outdated, since these were from 01 and 03. I tried to find something more recent, but nobody likes Albania, so…. I love how you’re from a country that nobody likes, and now you live in a state that nobody likes! At least you’re keeping it consistent lol. And yes, it’s pretty. It’s the perfect backdrop for “Hostel” to come to life 😉

      PS: Didn’t your dad and brother call it fourth-world though? It’s pretty bad when your own natives don’t like you…

  2. kive87 Says:

    Lolol My brother also calls it Baghdad, go figure.

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