Cat fight

Just to bring EK up to speed….JChin and I are not exactly on speaking terms anymore….and I’m oddly okay with that.

Long story short, LJB asked me to tell JChin something, when I did she snapped at me, I snapped back and called her out on being so bitchy during the busy season, she tried to justify it by saying that ” of course she is, because other people aren’t doing anything and she gets everything,” then I stated that she’s not the only one in the office who does work and stalked off.  Yeah….great day yesterday lol.

Honestly, I totally saw this coming.  My relationship with JChin has been shaky for a while.  I was sick and tired of hearing her complain about the drama in her life which she starts (though she always claims she’s 100% innocent), and her martyr complex, and her immaturity, and her lack of motivation and Idk….a bunch of other stuff.  You can’t be friends with everyone, and the two of us gave it a shot and it didn’t work out.  Life goes on.

But then AC and I were talking during the hockey game, and apparently JChin thinks that I’m closed-minded and judgmental, especially about the smoking thing.  I’ll be the first to admit that I can be closed-minded and judgmental about certain things, but the smoking thing was like a running joke, which I actually haven’t used in a few months, because a few months ago is when I started to stop caring if this relationship fizzled out.  If she wants to kill herself with nicotine, what do I care? As far as judging her, yeah, I suppose I do, because I do judge people who do things which I consider to be completely naive, stupid, or illogical.  If I can see your point of view and understand why you did what you did, that’s one thing, but if I can’t, I just…can’t.  Whether or not the action really is naive, stupid, or illogical is another matter entirely, and one in which every person will probably have a different view.  Personally, I believe everyone judges.  I mean, we all know what we think is the “right” way to do/think/act–we wouldn’t do or believe what we do if we didn’t think other choices were wrong, after all.   I guess it’s really just a matter of how much you let it show.

AC also said that JChin doesn’t really like people who “challenge” her, and I can see that.  I think AC is the only person, until me, with less seniority than JChin who has snapped at her.  I could tell she was all freaking out when I did, but honestly, someone’s gotta tell that girl that just because she can’t handle stress doesn’t mean the rest of the office should be her personal punching bag.  The fact that no one’s really stood up to her before when it comes to this is probably why she’s so bad.

Anyway, at the moment we’re civil, though she was unnecessarily snappy with me after I sent an email informing of a personnel change with one of our larger clients to the three other girls who were calling to get apps back (and I was a bit unnecessarily snappy back….).  Why she needs to do that, who knows, but as long as we don’t talk too much, it’s fine.  I’m content to keep it that way, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens 😉


5 Responses to “Cat fight”

  1. kive87 Says:

    Oh that’s lovely, I’m glad you’re all getting along swell over there!

  2. AC Says:

    JChin thinks you’re a very nice person. In terms of the close-minded thing, she told that to Lea, who told me that it bothered her, but overall she does like you (and I think that was said out of anger one day). I think this is more a case of two people who just can’t move past certain minute differences. I’m sure space will improve things (even if you can’t necessarily recover the friendship you had at one point).

  3. AD Says:

    Yeah, it’s just great, isn’t it? lol

    Idk, it might seem like minute differences to you, but not to me. I mean, we don’t really agree on *anything* and we both have somewhat argumentative personalities. But where I’ll agree to disagree after it becomes clear that the ‘discussion’ is going nowhere, she likes to keep pushing. We get along great if we talk about meaningless things that neither of us have an opinion on, but who wants to be friends with someone they can’t discuss opinions with without it turning into a mini-fight? And honestly, I don’t know that you could ever have called us “friends.” Work friends, yes, but not actual ‘let’s spend time together outside of work’ friends.

  4. AC Says:

    LOL it’s not minute to me, actually. I think your differences are significant. I guess I meant that you both can work around it. But it really depends on whether or not the both of you think there is a worthy friendship to work on in the first place.

  5. AD Says:

    Eh, it’s too much work to work around it, and I don’t care that much anyway. Less drama in my life is always a good thing. As long as we can work together, that’s all that matters.

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