So I stumbled on this article on yahoo about shaving “down there”–don’t ask how I got to it, I don’t even know–but I was bored so I read some of the comments and was super surprised, to say the least.  There were sooooo many commenters who were saying that not only should you not wax, trim, or shave “down there,” but you shouldn’t shave anywhere because hair is sexy and no hair is unnatural.  Most of those comments were from women, but a decent number were from men too!

A common belief among these people was that anyone who shaves is a conformist who’s been brainwashed by the media to think that no hair is sexy.  Hate to break it to them, but hardly anyone wants to look at, let alone have sex with, a gorilla.  Personally, I like to keep it clear from the neck down, because I find most body hair to be completely gross.  I know not everyone hates it as much as I do, but how anyone can just let it go with no maintenance is beyond me!  At least shave your legs and underarms if nothing else, and trim your bikini for both cosmetic and hygienic reasons.  What guy wants to go down on a girl with a forest (and vice-versa while we’re considering it)?  Seriously, these au-natural people are sooooo weird!


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