They let anybody in these days…..

During my first semester of college, I was amazed by how many people in my gen-ed classes were ignorant of things I considered basic.  They didn’t know math, didn’t know history, didn’t know science, didn’t really seem to know anything.  I thought that as I made my way up to higher level classes, the proportion of these know-nothings would dwindle, but amazingly, that doesn’t seem to be the case!  Somehow these people are finding ways to get through college without learning anything at all.

Take two of my business classes this semester: economics 3250 and finance 3610.  Just looking at the course number, you can tell that these aren’t intro classes.  Yet yesterday, we spent most of 3250 going over the time value of money–a concept which had its own chapter in fin 3000, which everyone had to pass in order to register for 3250–because so many people were confused and acting like this was a completely foreign concept to them.  But finance was even better.  Today we were forced by the many stupid people to spend a class going over balance  sheets, income statements, and cash flows–things which were covered in accounting 2100, accounting 2250, and finance 3000, all of which had to be passed to get to 3610.  How you manage to get through three classes without absorbing something I just can’t understand.  I suppose the professors here must be very satisfied, though,because the only logical explanation I can think of is that half the student body is sleeping or paying their way through.


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