Is it March yet?

I am so over February, and it’s only the 5th.  Why am I so over it?  Many reasons:

1.  It’s too f-ing cold!  I hate the cold, but I hate it even more here in NYC, because anywhere else in the country, my commute would start with a two second walk to a car followed by a warm drive to work, followed by a 30-second sprint from the parking lot to the office.  Here, I walk 8 minutes to the subway, have a 10 minute above-ground ride which means that the doors open and allow freezing air to sweep in every minute or so, then have to transfer in a cold station to another train, and from that train have another 5 minute walk to school or work or wherever I’m going.  I don’t mind walking….when it’s warm, but this cold is torture!

2.  I’ll be 21 on March 1st.  Not that I drink, but it’s nice to be legal.

3.  At the end of March, I’m going to Florida with my mom.  Yay beaches!

4.  People at work will chill the f out.

Really the only redeeming quality February has is the winter olympics, which I won’t even be able to fully appreciate thanks to work.  Yeah, I can DVR the games and watch them later, but our DVR has limited memory, so I can’t keep too many in there at once, yet I’ll have no time to watch them unless I say “screw you, work, I’m not coming back in after my classes end at 9 pm!” Which, btw, I am oh so tempted to do.


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