Sunday: Not such a Funday :(

In February, our office is supposed to work the last three Saturdays, but I ended up being pressured to come in today because Marc didn’t want to be “overwhelmed” on Monday.  I agreed because, hey, it’s money, and it’s less work for me on Monday too.  I went in at 11 and only expected to stay a couple hours, but ended up having to convince LJB to let me leave at 3:30.  Normally I don’t mind extra hours–though I like them better if I actually like my job–but after a long week of four 13+ hour days (yes, I know it’s better than the two 12+ and two 15+ hour days and two I had last semester, but it’s still not fun) I just want two days of lounging at home.  Yeah, I do hw problems for finance and reading for all my classes each weekend, but I’m doing that in the comfort of my own room in the comfort of my sweatpants.  What I don’t want to do is have to drag myself into the City to do work that could be done during the regular work week.  If there’s a backlog of stuff I’m supposed to do, fine, but don’t make me come in, have me do my work, and then keep me another two hours to do work that other people are technically supposed to do.  Not that it was anything major, but still.

What I’m really dreading even more is the last two weeks, when LJB expects me to come back after my classes end at 9pm!  I had to have the “school talk” with him today to tell him that I would come back if absolutely necessary and only so long as it didn’t affect my performance in school.  If I start having trouble waking up for class or staying awake during it because I didn’t get home until midnight or later, then I’m not working late.  I know it’s hard for some of the full-timers and lawyers to understand, but this job is not my top priority.  The fact that I’m technically a part timer should tip them off to that.

Oy busy season.  The only thing that makes it bearable is the knowledge that it will be my last (and that I should be expecting a little bonus at the end lol).  LJB has been hinting that he wants me to stay after I graduate until at least March, and I had contemplated it, but after I was reminded of all the unnecessary stress and bitchiness that comes with this time of year, I think I’ll have to pass on that offer…..


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