The life of a typical human being is fairly monotonous. It comes from our desire for stability–you generally can’t be both stable and constantly spontaneous, at least, not in the long run. Most of us work in offices, which dictates our lives Monday-Friday from 9-5. And we all have our little habits for what we do after work and on the weekends. We fall into patterns, fall into the monotony.

Take my life, for example. I can tell you right now what my schedule every week is like:


6:45: Wake up, shower, eat, play on the internet, do hair, etc

8:20: Leave for subway. While on subway, study Russian.

9:30: Class.

11:00: Arrive at work.

Between 5:20-6:30: Leave work.

5:50 or 7:30 (depends on the day): Class.

8:50: Classes end. Get on subway. While on subway, do Russian.

9:35: Get home. Eat, read, pilates workout.

11: Bed


Same as Mon-Thurs, but without the classes. I use the extra time in the evening to read for two of my classes.


Wake up by 9:30. Shower, eat, do finance hw, read for my other 3 classes, and do any other school work that needs to be done. Evenings are kept free for a) hockey, b) catching up on House, c) reading, d) rare spontaneous activity.


Day of rest… to speak. Do any household chores, cook a huge dinner so I’ll have leftovers for most of the week, get Starbucks and walk around the ramble in Central Park, browse B&N, go home, weekly call with parents, miscellaneous stuff. Bed.

See what I mean? Monotony. I try to mix it up sometimes–going to ballet here, museum there, maybe the philharmonic, etc, but it’s hard. Especially when the desire to relax on the weekend after a long week of school and classes overwhelms the desire to do something entertaining, something new. But the end result is even more monotony and boredom.

Sigh. Maybe after I graduate I’ll be able to mix it up some more, though I will be in IL, where there are fewer things to do, but at least I’ll have time to go out with friends, hang out with family, etc, and there are concerts and plays and museums to go to, and I’ll have a little extra money to take a trip or two during the year. Honestly, I do really like my routines, but sometimes the repetition is too much even for me.


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